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DAE Global - Victoria White Knight
Multi-Site Experiential Event

Victoria 2017 – 2019
White Night

White Night Melbourne was an all-night, world-class, city-wide takeover of performance, multimedia and light-based art inspired by Paris’s Nuit Blanche Festival.

DAE took this creative concept to the next level by evolving it into a three-night spectacular visited by 1 million people annually, programming three, full precincts of artwork giving each a unique feel inspired by the senses.

Along Melbourne’s famous riverbank, roving performance artists guiding the public into a live show run continuously through the night at key times.  The precincts were filled with impactful, site specific, theatrical experiences and performances were complimented with a large number of projection installations and roving works aiding the movement of the public.

In addition, there were opportunities for the public to play and interact with artists and their work from all over the world while moving through to the experiences.

Finally, a garden area scattered with illuminated works and large-scale interactive puppetry performances was capped off with the debut of “Mad Max Live” featuring projection, pyrotechnics and highly skilled theatrical performers.

After dazzling locals and visitors alike from around Australia (and the world), White Night toured regional Victoria to brings iconic spaces to life with memorable moments of light and art.