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shanghai 2010 world expo

DAE created and delivered the largest multimedia show in world history, for the Opening Ceremony of the most ambitious World Expo since expos began in 1851. (The Shanghai World Expo had the largest site, the most pavilions and the highest visitation, 70 million attendees, of any expo ever.) The first overseas company invited to create and produce such an iconic event within China, DAE worked closely with Chinese civic and cultural authorities to deliver a Ceremony that showcased China, and the great city of Shanghai, to the world.

The Opening Ceremony set numerous world records, such as the biggest LED screen ever made, the largest searchlight installation in the world and one of the largest pyrotechnic shows ever created. The 30-minute Outdoor Show took place on a 3.4 km stretch of the Huangpu River in central Shanghai over buildings, bridges and bodies of water.