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Opening Ceremony of 2011 Rugby World Cup Kicks Off in Spectacular Style

Auckland, New Zealand, September 9, 2011—Tonight, David Atkins Enterprises (DAE) delivered the Opening Ceremony of The Rugby World Cup in Auckland, New Zealand, one of the largest international sporting competitions in the world. The 30-minute show told the story of New Zealand and its unique place in the Pacific, and represented the coming together of countries from around the world in New Zealand in pursuit of Rugby’s greatest prize.

According to Rugby World Cup Limited Chairman Bernard Lapasset, the Opening Ceremony was the most exciting and spectacular in the history of Rugby World Cup.

“We had a great responsibility on our shoulders; the Ceremony of the 2011 Rugby World Cup was biggest opportunity New Zealand has ever had to highlight the best of New Zealand’s culture, celebrate its heritage and tell its story to the world,” said David Atkins, CEO, DAE.  A powerful tribute to New Zealand’s creative skills, DAE partnered with New Zealand’s internationally renowned film, digital design and technology capabilities in the Opening Ceremony.