ceremonies are exercises in scale, spectacle and entertainment

Ceremonies present a country with the greatest opportunity to tell its story to a global audience, while uniting its own people in a collective celebration of their own culture. Leveraging Ceremonies as an authentic brand experience-which delivers a relevant and powerful brand message-defines the host country to a global audience.

Ceremonies provide a platform that enables a city and country to re-introduce itself to the world and re-invent its image. Our elite creative team designs Ceremonies that define a nation’s culture, celebrate its heritage, and imagine its future. DAE has successfully done this across the globe: in Sydney, Australia; Doha, Qatar; Vancouver, Canada and Shanghai, China.

In doing so, DAE has created a proprietary process for full engagement with the Host Country’s cultural practitioners. This ensures that the Host Country’s story is told through its greatest artists-we are quiet and informed facilitators, who remain in the background and let the Host Country speak for itself.