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DAE Global - Doha 2015 World Men's Handball Championships
Opening, Closing & Victory Ceremony

Doha 2015
World Men’s Handball Championship

DAE was the Executive Producer and Artistic Director responsible for the Opening, Closing, Victory Ceremony and Flag Handover of the 2015 World Men’s Handball Championships. With only six weeks to go, we were also tasked with creating a unique architectural lighting package to showcase the new venue and a multi-night, A-List concert series that featured none other than Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani, Jason Derulo, Taio Cruz and Kylie Minogue just to name a few.

The largest challenge of this ambitious project (which in turn became its biggest achievement), was the timeline, as we needed to develop creative, produce and deliver all of the above in less than three months.

This was the first International Handball event held in the region and the stakes were high in terms of satisfying all stakeholders while placing an emphasis on youth to align with Qatar’s own strategic priorities.

As the inaugural events in this world-class facility and with an International audience watching, the ceremonies were carefully curated to appeal to a broad European and Asian demographic while respecting local tastes and customs.

They not only celebrated Qatar as a true home of sportsmanship, but also assisted the International Handball Federation to expand and raise awareness of the sport in the region, creating an environment for fans to connect in an engaging and dynamic way.