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DAE Global - Doha 2006 Asian Games
Opening & Closing Ceremony

Doha 2006
Asian Games

In 2006 DAE created and produced the Ceremonies of the 15th Asian Games in Doha, Qatar—the first Olympic event in the region and the biggest branding exercise undertaken by any Arab nation. In a stirring and extremely hi-tech manner, they truly announced Qatar’s arrival on the world stage.

These groundbreaking Ceremonies exceeded any previous Asian Games Ceremonies in scale, spectacle and impact, and rivaled both the Sydney and Athens Ceremonies in terms of innovation and technology. The first truly multimedia Olympic event ever staged, these Ceremonies featured the largest LED screen built at the time, as well as the world’s first kinetic Cauldron, a massive sculptural device that never stopped moving and rotating, evoking both the rings of an atom and the planetary orbits of our solar system.

These unique Ceremonies introduced the City of Doha to the world, and proclaimed the small country of Qatar to be a bold, cutting-edge nation fully engaged with technology while deeply informed by a culture stretching back thousands of years.

We identified, engaged, and managed the contributions and expectations of cultural groups and individuals from throughout the Gulf, Middle East and Asia in the largest and most diverse multicultural presentation ever staged in an Olympic Ceremony. This involved bringing together over 120 of the nation’s leading cultural authorities and engaging them in the Ceremonies’ creation, in the process establishing a number of technological firsts, not just for the Arab region but for the world.