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About us


For over 30 years, DAE Global has been focused on creating inclusive, unexpected, memorable experiences that seamlessly combine art and technology to tell powerful stories about people from around the world.

Founded by David Atkins, one of Australia’s most awarded producer, director / choreographers, we are a small team of creative practitioners with unparalleled expertise in large-scale international ceremonies, city-wide events and festivals, installations and immersive experiences as well as theatrical and televised productions.

What if we could build and sustain connection to change the way people engage with experiences?

Blending creativity, storytelling and technology to create connection.
This is Pulsemaking®

Today, in an era where experiences are valued above all else, we continually explore new ways to build and sustain connection with audiences by leveraging our unique portfolio of work, utilising new technologies and collaborating with the next generation of great storytellers.

We call this approach Pulsemaking which allows us to create seamless, continuous and connected experiences over time, beyond a singular moment.

DAE Global - Pulsemaking Event Management
DAE Global - Pulsemaking Event Management
DAE Global - Pulsemaking Event Management